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Murfreesboro child care: Infant health

Posted on 08-25-2014


The early years of your child’s life are vital for development of his or her brain, body and mind. At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, we offer specialized infant care services that focus on the mental, emotional, physical and social development of your child.

Here are some basic tips to keep your child grow and develop in the right way:

  • Nutrition – During the developmental years, your child has a higher metabolic rate and a greater need for oxygen, clean water, and healthy food. A growing body and brain need the right nutrition. The right combination of vitamins and minerals is critical in building and developing neural pathways in the brain and muscles and bones in the body.
  • Exercise – Even your infant’s brain development is impacted by exercise. There are a number of gentle yet effective infant exercises to help him or her develop both physically and mentally. Teaching your child the benefits and joys of exercise at a young age will help him or her be physically healthy for a lifetime.
  • Safety and security – Safety and security are basic factors that allow your child to learn and grow. You have a direct impact on your child’s safety and you must protect him or her from danger. When your child feels safe and secure, he or she will be open to learning and exploring the learning environment, leading to more positive development.
  • Managing illness - Young children are susceptible to a variety of illnesses, which means you need to learn to manage these situations to minimize the impact. Always wash your hands before handling your infant, and teach your child good handwashing techniques as a start.

The best advice is to enroll your infant at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Murfreesboro. We offer programs for young children that focus on maximizing brain development in a fun, safe and engaging environment. For more information, contact us today.

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